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Ext. Cab S-10

This S-10 came back to us (it's previous system is pictured below...2-12 box covered in red vinyl) for a bit of an upgrade.  Okay, a LOT of an upgrade.  Deciding that 2-12s no longer cut it...we decided to got bigger.  On the menu, 6 JL Audio 12W0v3s, a JL Audio 1000/1v2, JL Audio 300/4v2, an extra Optima Yellowtop, 0 AWG, Stinger RCAs, and a big ported box.  The amp rack is in the bed and lit up with red LEDs, with a battery box on the right and a box for a flipout radio that controls the 15" dropdown on the left.  Once the wall was completed, we took a look at his door panels and decided they could use an upgrade as well.  We installed 1 pair of JL Audio TR650cxi coaxes in each door, building a fiberglass bottom to make it all fit.  We included some red back-lit plexiglass, then wrapped the whole door in matching gray vinyl with red inserts to make it all flow with the rest of the truck.  It looks good, it's loud, and the customer is happy...which is all that matters to us!

1993 Ford Ranger

This Ranger was a little project of ours for a good customer that wanted to be extremely loud, so we hooked him up with 4 Memphis C3 15s, to Memphis MR1.1200 amps for 2400 watts of ground-pounding power, a Memphis MR4.480 amp running Memphis M-Class components in the custom fiberglass kickpanels and PR 5x7s in the doors.  He's got a big ported box covered in blue and gray suede, as well as are the kick panels. 

2011 Toyota Camry

This Camry's owner wanted a fantastic-sounding system and he didn't want to lose much trunk space.  Enter JL Audio.  Using 2 of the customers 7 year old JL Audio Version 1 Slash amps, a 300/4 and a 500/1, we installed a JL Audio 12W6v2 in a custom fiberglass "stealthbox" style enclosure on the passenger side of the trunk.  We also built an amp rack at the rear of the trunk, illuminated with LEDs and even built a cover panel to protect them when the trunk is in use.  And with the help of JL Audio's C5 components in front, TR 6x9s in the rear, and plenty of Stinger Roadkill, this car sounds as good as it looks!

2005 Ford F-250

This truck, aptly named "HeadTurner" is a beast.  It started life as a 2005 F-250 Harley Davidson Edition.  He then had it converted to an F-650 front end, lifted, wheels, tilt bed an a stereo system mounted in that bed.  BUT, that stereo system did not do that truck any justice visually.  The customer brought it to us requesting we install more 7 inch monitors....6 weeks later, this thing had more monitors but only after gutting the whole bed and rebuilding everything and wrapping it in blue and grey suede (instead of the grey box carpet that covered the original install).  It has a 42" flatscreen monitor flanked by 8-7 inch monitors, 4-15 inch subs, 2 component sets mounted in custom pods in front of the subs, 2 component sets mounted in the tailgate with 4 more 7 inch monitors, 2-1000 watt amps  accompanied by 2 more 7 inch monitors as well as a hidden 4 channel running the mids/highs.  Now, the bed turns as many heads as the rest of the truck.

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback

This Mustang was purchased with the original equipment radio still in the dash and it was in desperate need of help.  Enter Pioneer and JL Audio.  We installed a Pioneer DEH-80PRS head unit, a pair of JL Audio TR350cxi 3 1/2s in the stock 5x7 opening in the dash, and a pair of JL Audio TR690cxi 6x9s in the rear panel using a pair of factory style grills.  We kept the existing Pioneer 4x6s in the doors.  A pair of JL Audio XD amplifiers power this XD600/6 running all 6 speakers and an XD600/1 running a JL Audio 10W6v2 in a sealed box.  The trunk was paneled in and wrapped using an OEM style carpet and the amps and subs are flushed in for a nice, clean look.

Toyota Tacoma DoubleCab

Toyota trucks are great for anything you could need a truck for...unless you want a big loud audio system.  There's just no space for it.  So to improve on this truck's audio system, we got a little creative.  Yes, we know JL Audio makes an awesome sounding stealthbox for this truck, but the customer wanted something nobody else in town has.  So, we stuck 2 JL Audio 8W3v3s in a custom fiberglass ported box in one of the little storage cubbies behind the rear seat.  Wrapped in black carpet, it blends in nicely with the panels.  We also installed a JL Audio HD900/5 in the other side, flushed in and carpeted to match the box.  JL Audio component speakers and a Pioneer video head unit round out this awesome sounding system!  We also connected the OEM backup camera that shows in the rear view mirror to the head unit so now he has a 6" screen to view what's behind him. 

2009-2013 Mazda6

2 Rockford Fosgate P3 10s are being pushed by a Rockford Power Series 600 watt amplifer in a custom ported box.  The amp and Subwoofers are flush mounted into the front plate of the box that's been painted Sangria Red to match the customer's car' paint color.

In another Mazda6, we installed an Alpine INE-Z928HD 8 inch navigation head unit.  Since a dash kit will not normally fit a radio of this size, using fiberglass,  we modified a normal dash kit to hold the larger unit then painted it to match the silver interior trim. 


A Rockford Fosgate T1 12" with a Power Series 800 watt amp.  The amp is wrapped in blue suede, and the rest of the trunk is done in black suede.

Mazda3 Hatchback

3 JL Audio 10w3v3s in a custom fiberglass enclosure painted to match the car with an Alpine PDX-1.1000 and a PDX 4.150 mounted in the floor.

Hyundai Tiburon

A single JL Audio 10w6v2 along with a JL Audio 250/1 and a 300/4 mounted flush.

Q97.7's Remote Broadcast Van

This thing ROCKS!  Premier head unit, 4 Memphis Car Audio 6x9s, 2 Memphis M3 12s, an MClass 300 watt 2 channel amp beside an MClass 1000 watt monoblock for the subs.  Amps are behind plexiglass and illuminated with blue LEDs and the whole thing is wrapped in gray tweed.  Check it out at Q97.7's next live remote broadcast!


Single Cab Silverado

This customer wanted big sound but didn't exactly have an lot of space to do it.  So we removed his center seat/armrest and built a box to tuck neatly in between the two seats.  The JL Audio 12W6v3 fires to the rear in a sealed box and is run by a JL Audio 600/1v3.  We wrapped the box in matching carpet and vinyl, even re-installing his factory cupholders.  Now he's got all the sound he wanted and didn't have to give up any legroom to get it!

Cadillac Escalade

Yeah, he likes his TVs...a total of 9 reside in this Escalade.  1 in each visor, in the rear view mirror, the Pioneer AVIC-Z2 head unit, each headrest, and a 15" dropdown.  There's also a 2nd Premier head unit and 2 backup cameras.  He's also running 3 JL Audio 10w3v3s in a custom vinyl-wrapped box powered by a JL Audio 1000/1 with a 300/4 on the mids and highs.

Land Rover Defender90

This system sounds AWESOME!  3 sets of JL Audio Marine components, 2 JL Audio 10w1v2s, 2 JL Audio marine amplifiers, Alpine head unit with Satellite radio and iPod.  What more could you ask for?

Chevy S-10

This customer wanted an existing 2-12 ported box to look like it was built into the truck.  So we paneled off the box so it fit the contours of the surrounding interior panels perfectly.  Then it was wrapped in red vinyl to match the custom dye-job that had been done to the interior.

Chevy Tahoe

3 JL Audio 10W1v2s in a custom built sealed box and then carpeted to match the interior.

Isuzu Rodeo

These are a pair of lower door panels fabricated to fit a pair of Memphis 5 1/4" coaxes

Mitsubishi Eclipse

7" Nesa monitor fiberglassed where the factory radio used to reside.

Ford Ranger

A Memphis PR1.1000 slams on these 2 Audiobahn 10's in a custom ported box.

Nissan 370Z

This is a JL Audio Stealthbox we installed for a customer.  You can't beat the looks and it sounds AMAZING!!!  It's run by a JL Audio HD900/5 for 500 watts RMS to the subs and 200 watts a channel to each side of JL Audio C5 Components in the doors. 

Mazda CX-9

Basic Video system with 2 Nesa 6.5" monitors and a Nesa DVD player.

Volkswagen Routan/Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Town & Country

This is our answer to installing a factory style video system in a VW Routan/Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Town&Country.  We took the two empty flipdown pockets and molded a 7" Nesa monitor in each one, then dyed the pockets back to the original color. 2 Nesa DVD players were installed for individual video sources.


This is another video system we installed in a Dodge Caravan.  A basic headrest monitor mounted in the dropdown pocket and a DVD player mounted in the dash for easy access.

Chevy Caprice

This Caprice has 3 JL Audio 12w3v2s in a custom sealed box being powered by a JL Audio 1000/1.  It's also got a JL Audio 450/4 powering JL Audio VR Components and TR 6x9s and a Pioneer Navigation system.  The custom box and amp rack is covered in black vinyl to match the interior.


The system in this Mazda6 consists of an Alpine Flipout with iPod adapter, Sirius Satellit Radio, and Nav., 2 Alpine Headrest monitors, Alpine PDX4.150 running 2 sets of Diamond Audio D6 components and a PDX1.1000 running a Diamond Audio D6 12 sub in a sealed box.  The amps are mounted on 3/4" plexiglass and are "floating" over the floor.  Still had full spare tire access as well.


This Mazdaspeed6 received a 7" Touchscreen Monitor that controls a laptop via USB connection.  He used this primarily for navigation, but also had a keyboard and mouse for wireless internet access.

Mazda Protege5

In this hatchback, we had a JL Audio 500/5 5-channel amplifier powering the whole system including an Eclipse 8000 series subwoofer in a custom painted fiberglass enclosure and Diamond Audio component speakers.

Ford F-150

This truck was LOUD!  8 JL Audio 15W3s,  4 JL Audio 500/1 amplifiers for a total 2000 watts of continuous power, a JL Audio 300/4 running 2 JL Audio 6 1/2" comonent sets, one in the front doors and one in the kickpanels.  The front of the box was made using fiberglass as was the entire amprack and trim in the bed.  Unfortunately the box was never painted before the customer had to change too a new vehicle, so in these pics, you see the gray primer as well as the gray tweed covering the trim panels in the bed.  This truck also had an Ohio Generator High Amp Alternator and 4 batteries in the bed.

Chevy Silverado (2007+)

This truck needed a system overhaul bad!  So we installed an Alpine INA-W900 Nav unit, 2 pair of JL Audio C5 components, 2 JL Audio 10W3v3s, and a JL Audio HD900/5. The subwoofers reside in custom built, downfiring enclosure with integrated amp rack.  The top is fiberglass to allow clearance for the subwoofer magnets. 

This 2008 Silverado Crew Cab's owner was just looking for a little more bass...which he got in the form of a JL Audio 10W1v2 and a JL Audio JX360/2 amplifier in a custom-built 1-10 box that fits under the back seat.  It was wrapped in black vinyl and black carpet to blend in with the vehicle for a stealth appearance.

2002 Chevy Pickup Double-Din Conversion

This customer was interested in the best navigation unit available, the Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT.  Only one problem, the radio is a double din and his dash would only accept up to a 1 1/2 din.  So we took the dash panel out and put some fiberglass to it and made it work. 

71 Ford Pickup

This customer has an older Ford Pickup that was in desperate need of an audio system.  The spot that held the original radio had been cut up by the previous owner to have a radio installed.  Effective, but it looked horrible since the panel was missing the top corners.  So we molded an Alpine AM/FM/CD player into it for a more classy appearance. 

Ford Expedition

This customer wanted a ported box for his 2 Alpine Type R 12s and an integrated amp rack for his 2 JL Audio amplifiers, a 300/4v2 and a 1000/1v2.  So that's what he got...filling every inch of available space behind his 3rd row seats.  We also installed an Alpine Navigation head unit, Alpine dropdown monitor, and Alpine backup camera.

Chrysler Concord

This trunk housed a massive JL Audio 13W7 powered by a JL Audio 1000/1 amplifier.  2 Eclipse amplifiers powered 2 pair of JL Audio speakers inside the car.

Chevy S-10

This customer wanted a video monitor up front for use at car shows, so we installed a Clarion 7" Monitor in a custom painted fiberglass console with a DVD player mounted in the side.

Ford Explorer

This is a daily-driven work vehicle, so he needed something to leave a little trunk space (not that's there's much left) but he wanted it to be loud and clean.  So he's running 4 JL Audio 12W3v3s in a sealed box on a JL Audio 1000/1v2. 

Chevy Suburban

This gentleman was craving power!  He is running 2 amps totalling over 1100 watts running 2 Memphis C3 15" Subwoofers!  The box isn't anything too special, but he wanted it loud and wanted it to sound good...which it does perfectly!

Harley Davidson Motorcycle

This HD Motorcyle had an awesome custom front faring installed, but the stereo system was a little lacking.  So out came the original Eclipse CD player and in went an Alpine CDA-105 with an XM Radio tuner kit.  Now he can listen to all his favorite tunes whether it's on Radio, CD, iPod, USB Flash Drive, or XM Radio.  Yeah, it's a great sounding motorcycle!


4 Wheeler

This 4 wheeler was in need of some real tunes so he could sit out at Busco Beach and listen to his tunes as well as jam while riding the trails.  So we installed a Sony Marine CD Player with iPod and a pair of Sony Marine 6 1/2" speakers.  We built a custom fiberglass pod and included a storage pocket on top with weather-proof cover for his iPod, phone, and whatever else will fit.  We then coated it in custom dyed bedliner to hold up to the abuse.  All-in-all, a cool installation.


This one saw our last customer's box and wanted us to build one for his ATV, but this one had to have 4 Alpine 6 1/2s run off an Aux input from his phone.  We also re-mounted his wench controls onto the enclosure as well as his plate on the front.  All done, it was treated to a coat of red bedliner to match.  With this setup, he's now happily rockin' the trails! 


Golf Cart

There's not much cooler than riding around with your buddies listening to some cool tunes....especially on a 4 person golf cart.  So, to help our customer out, we installed a Pioneer DVD Flipout in the dash with 2 pair of Memphis 6 1/2s in a completely custom built headliner.  It's wrapped in black and red vinyl and sports some cool diamond-plate accent with red LEDs for some extra flair.  Now, he and his buddies can rock out!