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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What do we do?

A: We sell and install CAR Audio, Video, Navigation, Security/Remote Start, and Radar Detectors.  We do not sell home audio or tint windows.  We leave that up to the people who can focus more on that and offer better service on those products than we would be able to.

Q: Do you install equipment that was not purchased from you?

A: Yes, we do

Q: How much do you charge for installation?

A: That really all depends on what we are installing and in what kind of vehicle we are installing the equipment in.  Different vehicles need different parts and take varying amounts of time to get apart and back together again.  So we have a flat rate that we usually charge for most installations, but sometimes we have to charge more if the vehicle requires more labor.

Q: Does your installation price include the parts?

A: No it does not.  Some vehicles only require $15 or so in parts while others can reach $200 or more in parts.  So we must add this as a separate charge depending on your vehicle.

Q: Why do some cars' parts cost so much more than others?

A: Some cars (mostly pre-2000 model year) use standard wiring and electronics in the vehicle.  Starting in 2000, some car companies such as General Motors and Chrysler started using computer systems in the vehicle that control everything in that particular vehicle such as turning the radio on and off, power windows, lighting, and such.  Factory amplifiers in some of these systems, as well as OnStar® in GM Vehicles, also require more integration than a standard $15 harness can offer.  So we sell adapters and harnesses that will properly integrate into any vehicle, regardless of the electronics system present in the vehicle.  This ensures that the vehicle suffers no ill effects due to you having your radio replaced. 
Some cars also have radios that are integrated into a much larger part of the dash, as in a Mazda6 for example.  So sometimes, the dash kit for the new radio will be more expensive because of the size of the dash panel it replaces, as well as the integration of climate controls and such that are also included in the new dash kit.

Q: Do you have any package deals:

A: Yes and no.  Sometimes we'll package an amp and subwoofer together and sell it as a combo.  But every person is different, as is the car they drive.  So sometimes, these combos don't work in that many vehicles to make it worth purchasing by everyone.  So we'll be happy to put a custom package deal together for you based on what YOU want as a customer, not what WE want to sell you.

Q: Do you do custom installations?  How much does it cost?

A: Yes, we do custom installations.  Just check out our Photo Gallery for some examples of our work.  We can handle anything from mild to WILD, it's all just up to what you are looking for.  Price is figured according to what you want for your car.  Your vision for your car is different than everyone else's, even ours.  So we can't figure a price based on what we would do, if what you want would be less expensive.  Even if you have no idea what you want, you just know you want something more than just a box in your trunk, just let us know and we can come up with something for you. 

Q: Do you repair stereo equipment?  How much does it cost?

A: We don't repair anything in-house.  We can send most major brands of car audio to the authorized repair facility, as well as most Original Equipment radios.  Price is set by the repair facility, so we can only let you know when they let us know how much it costs.

Q: Why should I buy from you if I can get it cheaper online?

A: If you buy from me, you are not only purchasing a product.  You are also purchasing professional knowledge of the product, as well as the best service anyone can offer on that product.  We are professionally trained by the manufacturers on everything from features to the best way to install it.  As an AUTHORIZED DEALER for our products, we can also offer a warranty on our products that ranges from 1 year to 3 years depending on the product and manufacturer. 

If you purchase a product online, then most likely it is from an un-authorized reseller.  The easy way to determine if they are authorized to sell the products is to look at the price.  If it is considerably cheaper than we sell it for, then they are not authorized by the manufacturer to sell that product.  What this means for you is that if the product fails, it will not be serviced by the manufacturer under warranty under any condition.  So if you go and buy a JL Audio amp, for example a 250/1, from some website that has it listed for $299 and we sell it for $399, you may save $100.  But what if it stops working?  Can you bring it to us to have JL Audio service it?  No, you cannot.  To have a warranty, you must have a receipt of purchase.  And if that receipt is from a retailer that is not a JL Audio authorized reseller, then your warranty is void.  (If you buy from us, this amp has a 2 year warranty if we installed it)  This means that if you want your amp repaired, you will have to pay for it.  Many times, the reseller will also remove or changed the serial number tag on the product.  In this case, many manufacturers will not repair the product under any circumstances.  Those that will usually charge a fee to provide your product with a proper serial number.  This will not provide you with any warranty, just the ability to send the product back for any further needed service.  Even if the place you bought it from does offer a warranty, they will not be able to have it serviced by JL, which means someone that knows nothing about your amp may be working on it's internals.  That's like having us do your open hear surgery, not a good idea.  This can also take much longer than a normal repair should.  We have had a customer wait 6 months to get his amp back from whereever he bought it from and he only saved $75 from what we offered to sell it to him for.

So now that you know what could come from buying a "cheaper product", is it really worth the trouble?  What may save you a little money now, may cost you more in the end.